Creation - The Flood

Chart dating from Creation to the Flood

The BC dates shown here have been reverse-calculated from the period of Judah's Babylonian Exile -
which is when the AM dates (dates after Creation) meet recognised historical BC dates.

See Critical Path for further information.


    623 AM [Chart]
    3601 BC [Chart]

Taken to Heaven:
    988 AM
    3236 BC

Biblical References:
    Genesis 5:18-24

    Enoch receives special mention in the genealogical line that is described in Genesis 5.  It says that "Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away."  Most people agree that this means that Enoch was taken to heaven by God.  This is because Enoch "walked with God" while he was on Earth - presumably this is saying that Enoch's life was so "holy" that in everything he did he took God into account - i.e. God was walking beside him in whatever he did.

This account of Enoch being given special treatment and going to heaven without seeing death highlights the issue of death itself.  There seems to be a prevailing idea among modern Christendom that there is some form of life immediately after death, where a person either goes to heaven or hell.  This narrative of Enoch, however, seems to be contradictory to this idea.  Why describe special treatment given to Enoch and how he was taken directly heaven if everyone goes to heaven or hell anyway when they die?   Clearly, a different view of death is needed in place of the traditional view if the story of Enoch (and others, such as Elijah) are to fit into the overall view of life and death.