The Flood - Arrival in Egypt

Chart dating from the Flood to the Arrival in Egypt

The BC dates shown here have been reverse-calculated from the period of Judah's Babylonian Exile -
which is when the AM dates (dates after Creation) meet recognised historical BC dates.

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    The Flood - Egypt

    1657 - 2299 AM [Chart]
    2567 - 1925 BC [Chart]

    Abraham's Journeys

Biblical References:
    Genesis 9 - 50

    This is an era of repopulation.  All but 8 people were wiped out in the flood.  The most obvious feature of this era (when viewing the chart) is the gradual shortening of the average lifespan.  From Noah, who lived 950yrs, through to Joseph, who lived 110yrs, there are 13 generations.  Moses lived 120 years, so it seems that after Joseph the average lifespan stabilised - which agrees with the biblical quote from Genesis 6:3 which is reproduced on the chart.

The table associated with this chart lists some events which can be isolated in this era.  One of the most notable, however, cannot be pinpointed to any particular year, but can be speculated on - the construction (and destruction) of the Tower of Babel.   This obviously cannot have happened too soon after the flood - a reasonable number of people would be needed to build such a structure.  On the other hand, by the time of Abraham many nations had already formed an identity - such as Egypt.  According to the biblical worldview, separate national identity would have occurred after the dispersion of people as a result of the destruction of the Tower of Babel and confusing of the people's language by God.