The Tables of the Kings
Kings of Judah

These are all shown in the table below. They are of the line of David, but since the kingship does not pass exactly as expected according the generation number (counting from Adam) is placed before each name. The names could be compared with the main genealogies.

Kings of Israel

Many of these kings gained the throne through assasination. Hence in the list I have also included the table from which the name comes.

Another Lesson

A study of the two kings list brings out another factor. The line of David passed down the entire list of twenty kings to the captivity. The word of God was not properly honoured in the southern kingdom, but periodic revivals brought the people back to God from time to time.

In the north the contrast shows. The kingdom started in rebellion, firstly against the king, then to reinforce that, against God in the installation of idol worship sites to keep the people away from Jerusalem. The son of the rebel king was murdered and succeeded by his murderer. Again his son was overthrown and a third dynasty started. This lasted through four kings (Omri, Ahab, Ahaziah and Joram) and again insurrection (though foretold or instigated by God) again changed the dynasty as Jehu took over. Of the remaining five kings only one succeeded their father, the others all took the thrown by assasination. There were twenty kings for the northern kingdom, but in a much shorter time as the north went into captivity well before the south.

It is the same story as the story of Adam's sin. Once rebellion starts it spreads and breeds and conditions become worse not better. Rebellion does not usually bring "a new order" which is better than the previous bad one, but leads to more rebellion and worse conditions.

Kings of the combined kingdom


Kings of Judah Kings of Israel
1. 38--Rehoboam 1. Jeroboam rebelled against son of Solomon
2. 39--Abijah 2. Nadab son of Jeroboam
3. 40--Asa 3. Baasha murdered Nadab
4. 41--Jehoshaphat 4. Elah son of Baasha
5. 42--Jehoram Joram 5. Zimri army officer of Elah whom he overthrew, committed suicide 7 days later
6. 43--Ahaziah Uzziah 6. Tibni stepped in when Zimri overthrown, but defeated
7. . Queen Athaliah (spouse no.5) 7. Omri led army aginst Zimri then Tibni
8. 44--Joash Jehoash 8. Ahab son of Omri
9. 45--Amaziah 9. Ahaziah son of Ahab
10 46--Azariah Uzziah 10 Jehoram Joram brother of Ahaziah, son of Ahab
11 47--Jotham 11 Jehu military commander who assasinated Jehoram
12 48--Ahaz 12 Jehoahaz son of Jehu
13 49--Hezekiah 13 Jehoash Joash son of Jehoahaz
14 50--Manasseh 14 Jereboam son of Jehoash (joint ruler with him for 12 yrs)
15 51--Amon 15 Zechariah son of Jereboam
16 52--Josiah 16 Shallum assasinated Zechariah, survived only one month
17 53--Shallum Jehoahaz 17 Menahem murdered Shallum
18 53--Jehoiakim Eliakim 18 Pekahiah son of Shallum, reigned 2 years
19 54--Jeconiah Coniah Jehoiachin 19 Pekah assasinated Pekehiah
20 53--Zedekiah Mattaniah 20 Hoshea assasinated Pekah

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